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  • Welcome to Wuxi Wanbao Electroplating CO., LTD.

    Wuxi Wanbao Electroplating CO., LTD. is a joint venture company of professional electroplating technology that located in the No.42 Standard Workshop of Wuxi Yangshi Surface Treatment Technology Industrial Park. It was founded in 2003. Fixed assets of the company are over 35 million RMB. The factory occupies 30,000 square meters. We have 280 employees and 35 technicians, including 5 engineers and 2 senior engineers. Our annual output is more than 60 million RMB. Our company has passed the check and acceptance procedures of local Environment Protection Administration and have got surface treatment permit.
    Our company has 23 automatic lines and sets of corresponding equipment, including cathodic electrophoresis coating automatic line, gold and silver plating automatic line, galvanizing and nickel-zinc alloy electroplating automatic line, copper-nickel-chrome, divalent nickel-chromium, trivalent nickel-chromium and hard chromium automatic line, zinc-tin-cobalt plating, tin-plating, calorizing, electroless-deposition Ni-P alloy, plastic electroplating, electro-polishing and passivation of stainless steel automatic line.
    Our customers of cathodic electrophoresis coating include Shanghai GE, Shanghai Volkswagen, First Automotive Works, Second Automotive Works, Nanjing Auto, Ford-Chang’an, and Mazda. We provide cathodic electrophoresis coating service and products to many international automatic components companies, like France, Germany, USA, Japan, etc.
    We provide galvanizing and nickel-zinc alloy electroplating service and products to the big and famous companies, like IBM, Canon, HP, Dell, Whirlpool, Shanghai GE, Shanghai Volkswagen, Ford-Chang’an, Mazda, etc.
    We provide gold and silver electroplating service and products to well-known companies, like Tyco, Hongze, Lotes, Sumitomo, Takumi, Amphenol, etc.


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